How to connect to Canternet IRC Network Via KVIrc

Step One

  • KVIRC1


    Open KVIrc and go to the Settings Menu
  • Click on the Configure Servers Button, This should open a Dialouge

Step Two

  • Click on the Globe at the top right hand corner of the new Dialouge


  • In the Text Field near the bottom of the Dialouge box enter a name for the network, E.g. Canternet
  • Click on the Advanced... Button next to the text field

Step Three



  • Part of this next step is Optional
  • In the New Dialouge box, near the bottom right hand corner there is a Checkbox, Click it to enable the network to automatically launch when you start KVIrc
  • You can optionally add your Canternet account info in the above text fields if you wish, you can do this later as well


  • Optionally, you can add channels to join once the network connects by clicking on the Join Channels tab
  • You can do this later as well


  • To add a channel, type the channel name e.g. #celestiaradio, into the box above the Add button, and click add
  • Once done, Click OK

Step Four

  • Next, Select your New Network and click New Server on the upper righthand side of the window, below the globe


  • Next, Enter into the text box above the Connect Now button
  • If you did not add your account info or channels to join on startup, Click Advanced... And continue to the next step, Otherwise click Connect Now to connect to the network or OK to do so later



Step Five

  • At this point you should enter your account information into the appropriate fields, including your nickserv password used to identify to your account
  • If you do not have an account, come back and fill this out later by following the previous step
  • Once you are done, click OK or Join Channels to add channels you wish to join on startup


  • After everything is set up, you can click the Connect Now button to connect to the network and enter the chat, or you can click OK to do that later
  • Just make sure when you exit your client you use the proper method of quitting and dont either end the process or click the x in the upper right hand corner, doing so may not save all that hard work!
  • Sit back, and enjoy your newly configured client! C:

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