Celestia Radio Staff

DJShamrock (Current Owner, Host, DJ, Backbone) Link
PHPony (Owner, Web guru, Backbone) Link
PlauSocks (General Staff, Bots, IRC Moderator) Link
DJs and Hosts
PRiSON (Artist, Host, DJ) Link
Qcom (Host, DJ) Link
Deimos Foxx Link
DJ KBrony Link
IRC Staff
Azure (IRC Bots/Aiko, IRC Mod) Link
shakesoda (Moral Support, IRC Mod) Link
Firebolt (IRC Bots/Twix, IRC Mod, Moral Support) Link
Karai (Former Owner and Backbone, (Im)Moral Support, IRC mod) Link
Former Staff
Hooflander (Former Owner and Backbone) Link
MyLittleInsomnia (Former Host) Link
PonyToast (Former Host) Link
Bots, Programs, and other Digital Entities
DJAuto (AutoDJ) Link
Aiko Link
PlauBot Link
Trixie (Twix) Link

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